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Direct Repair Shops - Good or Bad?

Insurance Companies have many different names for their DRP shops, (service first, pro shop, blue ribbon shop, etc.) They will try to sell you on the many benefits of using these shops, but, you should be aware of the reasons why your insurance company would like you to use these particular shops. DRP Shops have usually entered into an agreement with an insurance company whereby the shop will have agreed to:

  1.  Provide substantial discounts to the insurance company,

  2.  Limit the scope of repairs as defined by an insurance company representative (hidden damage may be left un-repaired)

  3.  Utilize parts and materials as dictated by the insurance company

  4.  Back the insurance company in the event a dispute develops between the vehicle owner and the insurance company.


In return for these concessions and support the insurance company "directs" repairs to that shop. We are not saying that DRP shops will do inferior repairs. We just want you to be aware of the underlying motives of an insurance company referring or "steering" you to a specific shop or group of shops. What are economy parts? Economy parts is a euphemism for aftermarket or imitation body parts. There is extensive evidence to show that these "economy parts" are substantially inferior in fit, finish, corrosion resistance, and crash integrity. It would not be an exaggeration to say the future safety of your vehicle's occupants could be compromised if economy parts are used to repair your current damage. We strongly recommend against the use of economy parts.

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